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The Last of Us 2023: Season 1

Jan. 15, 2023
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The Last of Us: Season 1 – The best adaptations don’t just imitate their source material but aim to enrich for those familiar with it, while also acting as an entry point for those who aren’t.

HBO’s The Last of Us does exactly that: a brilliant retelling of one of video games’ most beloved stories that rebottles the lightning of what made it so special to many in the first place, letting it strike again to stunning effect.

Thanks to a pair of phenomenal lead performances and a beautifully executed vision of what it is to find hope and love in a world hellbent on denying it, The Last of Us thrills from the first episode to the last.

A post-pandemic world where pockets of humanity aim to keep afloat amongst a sea of infection.

The story is about Joel, a smuggler tasked with couriering a teenage girl west in an America ravaged by a deadly fungal pandemic for the past 20 years. Of course, things don’t go smoothly as danger lurks around every corner in both human and post-human forms, ready to break their ever-tightening bond.